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Supporters Of "Heartbeat Bill" Urge Lawmakers To Pass Legislation

Karen Kasler
Jack Willke, former director of the national Right to Life organization

Backers of what would be the farthest-reaching ban on abortion in the country were back at the Statehouse today. Ohio Public Radio’s Karen Kasler reports on the newest effort to push the so-called "Heartbeat Bill" through the Senate, almost three months after it passed the House.A couple hundred people packed the Atrium in the Statehouse to sing, pray and chant in support of the Heartbeat Bill, which has been divisive in the pro-life community. Ohio Right to Life’s board of directors has voted not to back it because of constitutional questions. But former national Right to Life director Jack Willke said there’s no reason for concern.


“It will be rendered constitutional," Willke told a cheering crowd.

Jamie Miracle with NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio says the bill shows lawmakers are out of touch with the economic realities of women who seek abortions, and of the state at large.

“We’re slashing all kinds of programs that help people most in need at this time, and passing bills that could make the state pay millions of dollars to defend this blatantly unconstitutional piece of legislation,” says Miracle.

While Republicans dominate the Senate two to one, the bill has yet to be assigned to a Senate committee.