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Ohio Delegate Discusses Convention Prep Process

First-time Democratic delegate Jerry Sutton started his journey to Denver back in January of 2008. He participated in a congressional district caucus in the 7th District of Ohio.

"Historically, our perception about what goes on at national conventions is viewed through the soda straw of the TV set, and the commentary that goes along with it. So I wanted to get involved," Sutton said.

Sutton was voted into his position at the caucus in January as a pledged delegate for Hillary Clinton. Each candidate for president receives several delegates, according to Sutton.

Sutton says he expects that some deal will be made between Obama and Clinton at the convention in regards to pledged Clinton delegates like himself.

"My perspective was that that is a decision that Senator Clinton has to make, in consultation with Senator Obama, and the party at large. My voice, I didn't think, was really relevant. Second, I didn't want a controversy. The party doesn't need a riff," Sutton said.

"I would be very comfortable supporting [Obama]," he added.

After the convention, Sutton said he will continue to support the Democratic nominee. When the convention concludes, there will be less than 70 days until the general election on November 4th.

Sutton said he doesn't know who will win the contest.

"I have my hopes. I get a feel that the nation is ready for a change at the national level. There is a lot of malaise in the economy. A lot of people are hurting economically," Sutton said.