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Warren County worst for extreme speeders on local interstates

Ohio Department of Transportation
Ohio has seen an increase in drivers caught going more than 100 mph.

More people have been caught driving more than 100 mph in Ohio — and locally most of those extreme speeders have been stopped in Warren County, according to recent state data.

Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers ticketed 786 people in Warren County for driving over 100 mph since 2019. This makes Warren County second only to Erie County — located between Toledo and Cleveland.

Those speeders aren't necessarily Warren County residents — or even Ohioans, said state patrol Lt. Matt Schmenk, Lebanon post commander.

"It's people traversing in the state, through the state and just trying to get from point A to point B," he said. "And some people are just driving a lot more aggressively than what I would call the responsible motorists out there who are following the speed limit laws."

Interstate 75’s flat, wide-open lanes can lend itself to fast driving, he said.

“Interstate 75 travels from the north of the country to the south of the country,” said Schmenk. “It’s a heavily traveled area.”

The patrol uses data to track when and where motorists are often traveling 20 miles over the speed limit — then uses that information to strategically place troopers to catch them.

Airplanes are also used to get an aerial view of Interstates 71 and 75. Pilots can radio down to troopers on the ground to intercept speeding drivers.

The penalty for getting caught traveling at extreme speeds can vary based on the court jurisdictions of the interstate. However, Schmenk said violators can expect to pay a hefty fine.