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Proposed bill allowing school school staff to carry guns in Ohio

M1911 handgun
According to FBI.gov there was a significant increase in active shooter incidents between 2020 - 2021.

The recent massacres in Buffalo and Uvalde have sparked familiar discussion on how to stop mass shootings. In Ohio, proposed legislation would allow more school staff to carry guns.

Ohio state representative Thomas Hall introduced House Bill 99 last year. If passed it would significantly reduce the amount of training needed for an employee to carry a gun on school grounds.

Some researchers say arming teachers would be ineffective, while other experts say there’s a psychological cost.

Chris Fraser is a licensed social worker in Dublin, Ohio. He works closely with teens suffering from anxiety and depression.

“Arming teachers and doing active shooter drills is not the way,” Fraser said. “These create a sense of dysphoria, anxiety, fear.”

House Bill 99 has been approved by the Ohio house and is now awaiting approval from the state senate.