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Senator Sherrod Brown speaks about his 'Leveling The Playing Field 2.0 bill'

Sherrod Brown speaking to the media

Senator Sherrod Brown spoke to the media about The Eliminating Global Market Distortions to Protect American Jobs Bill, or the Leveling the Playing Field 2.0 bill. Brown says the bill would update and strengthen US trade remedy laws.

Specifically, he says the bill prevents other countries from using unsafe practices and illegal government subsidies to cut the cost of production on items being imported into the United States. Brown believes putting workers at the forefront of our economy has already helped American industries boom.

“For the first time, and this is pretty amazing, for the first time in 20 years our economy grew faster than China’s. It’s because of the work we did with the American Rescue Plan, because we're putting workers as the center of our economy. But we also know that China and our other competitors don't give up easily," the Ohio Senator said during his press conference.

The House already passed their version of the Level the Playing Field 2.0 bill and Senator Brown says he expects the bill to pass the Senate and be signed into law by President Biden. Brown developed the bill with Republican Ohio Senator Rob Portman. He expects the bill to pass because U.S. companies are being undermined by unfair trade practices.

Brown said, “We’ll continue to tighten the rules and work to enforce it. we know this is an unending fight but it’s one we have to make."

Shay Frank was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. Before working at WYSO, Shay worked as the Arts Writer for the Blade Newspaper in Toledo, Ohio. In addition to working at the paper, she worked as a freelancer for WYSO for three years and served as the vice president of the Toledo News Guild. Now located back in the Dayton area, Shay is thrilled to be working with the team at WYSO and reporting for her hometown community.