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Dayton Residents Speak Out For And Against Mask Mandate At Commission Meeting

A man in a mask and pink shirt stands at a podium to address the Dayton City Commission.
Kristin Straman
Keith Lander speaking at the city commission meeting.

The Dayton City Commission voted to reinstate a city-wide mask mandate. The ordinance requires people to wear masks in indoor public spaces.

At this past week’s city commission meeting, Dayton resident Keith Lander said he fully supports the city taking this step.

“I’m glad Montgomery County and Dayton health is following the guidelines from the CDC," said Lander. "I’m glad the city mayor and city commissioners are following that also, and I’m glad my doctor follows the advice from the CDC.”

Rennes Bowers, a conservative candidate for mayor in Dayton, denounced the ordinance.

“I am not opposed to masks, I’m not opposed to vaccinations, I am opposed to mandates,” said Bowers. 

The rules are similar to the city’s previous mask mandate with some exceptions. Masks aren’t required outdoors, or in offices and other spaces not generally open to the public.