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Ohio Redistricting Commission Met Last Week In Lima

Mindy Hedges at the Ohio Redistricting Commission meeting in Lima. People sit in rows behind her.
Kristin Stratman
Screen Capture
Mindy Hedges at the Ohio Redistricting Commission meeting in Lima.

The Ohio Redistricting Commission met in Lima this past Thursday morning to hear input from Ohioans on the new district map making process.

At the hearing, Ann Shoyer of Westerville said when district lines favor one party over another, legislators pay more attention to donors and lobbyists than the people living in their district.

“It should be the residents of a district who have the attention of their elected officials, not groups looking to profit from our tax dollars and state laws,” said Shoyer.

Mindy Hedges of Delaware County said in her gerrymandered district, she feels ignored by her representatives.

“They don’t meet with us," Said Hedges, "They don’t communicate with us. They turn down requests for town halls. They are no longer elected by their constituents, but rather they’ve selected their constituents in such a way that they know for sure that they’ll never lose.”

The Ohio Redistricting Commission will try to pass new state legislative and congressional district maps in September.