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Leah Byrd

Leah Byrd (LB)

West Dayton Stories Community Producer

Leah Byrd (LB) is a Dayton born and raised writer, director, actor, editor, and singer. They have a BFA in Motion Picture Production from Wright State University. LB is most well known for their comedic web series, Hot & Bothered, which has screened across the country, internationally, and which won Favorite Youth Film at the BlackStar Film Festival. During childhood, LB spent 13 years attending a Catholic school in a small Midwestern city leaving very little room for queer spaces. Discovering queer content online was a real game changer on Byrd’s path towards self acceptance. This has driven a strong passion within Leah to create diverse characters within their own media. LB knows first hand what representation can do to one’s mental health and is passionate about bringing underrepresented voices to the front of their work. LB is currently the Artist Commission Manager for The Center For Cultural Power’s project, “We, As Ourselves: Shaping the Narrative of Black Women Survivors” in collaboration with TIME’S UP Foundation, Me Too, and The National Women’s Law Center.

  • The coronavirus pandemic has each one of us trying to figure out just how we’re gonna get through it all. Today we hear how community producer Leah Byrd has been doing it. A graduate of Wright State University’s film program, Leah has received a lot of buzz for their comedy web series, called Hot & Bothered, for which they were writer, director, and star.