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Montgomery County Sheriff: no credibility to school threats but stay vigilant

Law enforcement says some school districts have received threats but there is "no imminent danger," and the threats have little credibility.

The Montgomery County Sheriff is notifying the public of email threats against schools in the area and across Ohio.

The Sheriff’s office didn’t explain the nature of the threat or which schools were threatened. But deputies say in a statement, “there is no evidence supporting the credibility of the threats and no imminent danger has been identified for any of the schools in our area.”

Columbus City School officials say the emails claim to be from a Russian organization, and are part of a swatting, or hoax, campaign targeting schools in Ohio. Columbus Schools cite information from Ohio Homeland Security and the Statewide Terrorism Analysis and Crime Center.

The Sheriff’s office says they are taking the situation seriously to protect students and staff, even though there is no evidence backing up the threats.

The public is asked to report any suspicious activity to police and school authorities.

The matter is also being investigated by the FBI and the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

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