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COVID-19 Policy for the Kettering Building (WYSO World Headquarters)

Effective August 6, 2021

  1. WYSO requires that everyone who enters the Kettering Building be masked and practices social distancing.
    1. Employees, interns, and contractors who have an office may remove their masks while in their office alone.
    2. In-person meetings can be held as long as masks are worn and social distancing is practiced.
    3. Visitors must wear masks AT ALL TIMES except when eating/drinking or recording.
  2. WYSO requires that all who regularly spend significant time within the building, including Employees, Interns, Board Members, Volunteers, and Music Hosts, be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
    1. Proof of vaccination must be provided to the Director of Finance and Administration to be kept in a confidential file.
  3. WYSO strongly prefers that all who occasionally enter the station, including Musical Guests, Interviewees, Community Voices Producers, Maintenance and Engineering Personnel, and Parcel Delivery Personnel, be fully vaccinated.
  4. WYSO requires that any visitors not described in #3 above be fully vaccinated in order to enter the Kettering Building.