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Catching up with Ky Totten of HEARTSIQ


Last fall marked the debut of HEARTSIQ, a month queer-focused art and music party at Yellow Cab Tavern. Since then, Ky Totten has continued running, promoting and evolving the event.

“The events have gone really really well so far! We've been incredibly lucky with the community response and turn out. We're feeling even more confident going forward with the nicer weather on the horizon and our upcoming programming!”

As a transplant to Dayton, Totten reflect on finding her place in the Miami Valley’s LGBTQ community, ” I love the scene here! I think Dayton itself has a sort of magic to it, and I could not be more thrilled to be a part of this community. I feel so at home here. Everyone I've connected with has been so supportive and excited about what we're doing, and I'm incredibly thankful that I get to call this place my home. I'm just happy to give people a place to have fun and be who they are. I really hope we can keep this going for a long time.”

As HEARTSIQ continues to evolve, Totten is looking ahead to doing even more. “We're planning a spectacular queer prom on April 14, and we've got a full weekend of festivities for Pride June 2 - 4! Keep an eye out this week for more info!”

Totten says that community support and allyship matters, "I think it's so important, especially right now in the midst of all of the anti-LGBTQ violence and legislation, to celebrate queer joy above all. We need each other, we need our community. I hope people continue to feel safe and free to be who they are, not just once a month, but all the time. We're here, we're queer, and we're not going anywhere any time soon.”

Greg Simms Jr. is a veteran content creator and cultural expert who's worked for numerous digital publications over the years. He's a resident of Greene County, but he's always aware of social-cultural events happening all over the Miami Valley. To contact Greg, email him at: grgsmmsjr@gmail.com