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Remembering Shakin' Dave Hussong, host of Hall of Fame Blues

Shakin' Dave Hussong will retire after nearly 37 years on the air at WYSO.
Juliet Fromholt

Shakin’ Dave Hussong, host of Hall of Fame Blues on WYSO for 37 years, died Sunday. He was 76.

Hussong became a host on WYSO in 1982 after being a longtime listener to then-blues host Art Snyder. In an interview, Hussong recalled a visit to Snyder’s show that turned into his first shift on the air at WYSO.

"[Art Snyder] sat me down in his chair, and put his headset on my head and then he left. It was baptism under fire, and I guess I did alright though I did have a couple of people call and say ‘I think you need to turn your mic up [laughs].'"

Dave Hussong hosted blues programming on WYSO until his on-air retirement in 2019. Hussong was also a musician performing in the Low Rent Blues All-Stars and Shake and the Senders, among other bands. He was a trained visual artist and was known internationally as a dealer of vintage guitars and a writer for Vintage Guitar Magazine.

WYSO’s current blues host Eric Henry and guests from the local music community will pay tribute to Shakin’ Dave on this Sunday’s edition of The Blues Revival, 3-5 p.m. Share your memories below.