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World House Choir To Perform Mass for Mother Earth

Dorothy Smith
World House Choir director Cathy Roma directs a rehearsal of Missa Gaia

What happens when a choir director and 100 singers focus on climate change? This weekend, the World House Choir will present Missa Gaia: A Celebration of Mother Earth by Paul Winter. The music is both meditative and a call to action.

Choir director Catherine Roma chose Missa Gaia as “the perfect piece to use to gather us all together so that we could work on this climate crisis that we’re facing.” The World House Choir embraces music as a way to promote peace, and these performances will bring people together for the common purpose of celebrating Earth and all living creatures.

As soprano Jennifer Gilchrist sees it, “Even if we have completely conflicting ideology, whatever it is that differs can be let go when we’re making music together.”

Many things came together to lead Catherine Roma to choose Missa Gaia for performance.

Cathy Roma on choosing Missa Gaia

Paul Winter’s Missa Gaia blends liturgical and world music with sounds of wildlife. Catherine Roma says it’s about all of our voices together.

Cathy Roma on the music of Missa Gaia

The World House Choir will perform Missa Gaia September 11-13th. For details on the three performances and the Environmental Justice Fairs visit http://www.antiochcollege.org/news/archive/world-house-choir-missa-gaia-call-action-climate-changeclimate-justice-antioch-college