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Miami Valley StoryCorps interviews are the result of WYSO’s collaboration with StoryCorps, the national oral history collection project that visited Dayton in the spring of 2010 and 2014. All the Miami Valley StoryCorps segments consist of interviews between two local residents.

Miami Valley StoryCorps: Frank Porter & Frank Dixon

Frank Porter and Frank Dixon
Frank Porter and Frank Dixon

“When I play on the street corner, I’m trying my best to tug at someone’s heartstrings, to bring them back to a love that they remember or a love that they had. It’s to inspire and give away my love, ‘cause I love Dayton. We shootin’ kinda bad right now, but we will come back.”

Frank Porter and Frank Dixon met in the registration line at Wilberforce College and became life-long friends. They say they're "brothers from other mothers." For StoryCorps, Porter interviewed Dixon about his life experience as a street musician playing in downtown Dayton. Dixon has also gone onstage with the Ohio Players and recorded a gospel album in Yellow Springs.

(Originally broadcast December 29, 2010)