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Entries We Love: Figgy Baby, 'Mr. Baron'

Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.

Pairs well with: Driving by your old school and wondering what could have been

"You made me feel like a criminal / I was a kid," Figgy Baby raps to an old teacher, the song's namesake, who had expelled them for marijuana charges when they were in 8th grade. This Contest entry, "Mr. Baron," is a reflection on this common experience and how it uprooted their life at such a young age, enwrapping unresolved resentment and self-awareness with a greater message about drug culture, all while exuding childlike joy. Figgy Baby's energy here is motivated at least in part by the fact that, while years and laws have passed, not much has changed. People, kids like he was, can still be harshly punished for marjuana possession. With a sly smile on their face, Figgy shares that "you can tell Mr. Baron I'm still smoking," before going on to thank the ones that did protect them. Figgy Baby's commentary takes center stage in this performance, only accompanied by a light drum beat, slipping keys and dusted harmonies.

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Devon Williams