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Entries We Love: WillMattSam, 'Lemon Zinger'

Hometown: Rockingham, VT

Pairs well with: Accidentally burning your lemon squares

Very rarely, when things are falling apart, do I feel comforted by the idea of making lemons into lemonade, preferring instead the tried and true method of sulking around a bit with the hopes of making my problem everybody else's problem. But despite my aversion to good advice, WillMattSam's narration of life's woes — like a nemesis that "gets the more rousing cheers" (ugh!) — can't help but lift my spirits. The swing of Sam Indenbaum's piano and Will Danforth's rich tenor give Matthew Peake's lyrics the feel of a cozy wood-paneled cabaret. With warmth, humor and a compelling list of lemonade alternatives, "Lemon Zinger" helps take the sour taste out of the old adage and, wouldn't you know it, even manages to turn some lemons into pretty good lemonade.

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Fi O'Reilly Sánchez
Fi O'Reilly is a production assistant for Alt.Latino.