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Merlyn Wood & CONNIE, 'S.Y.K.'

When you speak of Brockhampton these days, it usually comes with an "Oh, man, remember when..." thinking back to their apex, as GOLF-wearing Gen Zers everywhere folded into the mania. Despite the hip-hop group still releasing music, they have begun to pursue outside avenues of expression, with each member having an archetype to draw on.

Brockhampton's hype man, Merlyn Wood, has released a solo track with production from CONNIE. "S.Y.K." contains all of the best parts of Brockhampton from the last several years, especially the futuristic feel of 2018's iridescence, and smashes them together with snares straight out of a SOPHIEsample pack. "That's just so you know," he repeats over and over again, a phrase determined to lodge itself in your brain alongside other memorable Merlyn-isms. "S.Y.K." is really promising, showing that maybe the move for them to make good music again is to just let everyone do their own thing.

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Reanna Cruz
Reanna Cruz is a news assistant for NPR Music's Alt.Latino.