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Storm Whips Up Acts Of Kindness In Northeast


This week's violent storm along the East Coast has left death, destruction, and a long recovery ahead. But it also whipped up acts of kindness. A lot of people lucky enough to have power, looped extension cords under their doors so that people could recharge their phones - the electronic lifelines that let friends and family know that they'd survived. A doctor in New York's East Village offered free medical care. Newark's mayor, Cory Booker, invited citizens over to use a vacant apartment in his building to relax, eat and get warm. The mayor sent a message over Twitter. Quote, "Police have reported zero looting, or crimes of opportunity, in Newark; and ceaseless reports of acts of kindness, abound everywhere."

In New York, a dozen food trucks fanned out to deliver free dumplings, tacos, cupcakes, and slices of thin-crust New York pizza; to areas with no power, in which food was spoiled and scarce. David Weber, president of the New York City Food Trucks Association - which organized the efforts - says Queens' Rockaway Peninsula looked especially hard-hit.

DAVID WEBER: We were getting reports back, from the trucks that were out there, that it's just been devastated. People have lost their homes and - you know, it was just really meaningful for them that someone was out there, to share what they could with them.

SIMON: They shared about 11,000 meals. And they'll do it again today, even traveling outside the city to reach people - though David Weber says a lot of people have longed for something almost as fundamental as hot food - hot water, to wash.

WEBER: I think if someone had a mobile shower truck, they would be even more popular than a mobile food truck.

SIMON: This weekend, many people - from Maryland to Manhasset - will probably witness their own acts of kindness. When the going gets tough, the truly tough are kind.


SIMON: This is WEEKEND EDITION, from NPR News. I'm Scott Simon.

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