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Death Toll Soars In Norway

Authorities in Norway now say more than 80 people were killed Friday at a conference for young people shortly after a massive explosion killed at least seven people in nearby Oslo. It's believed the two incidents are related.

One person has been arrested for the shootings at the conference, which was being held on an island in a fjord about 45 minutes from Oslo. As this NPR.org report says, "though police did not release his name, Norwegian national broadcaster NRK identified [the suspect] as 32-year-old Anders Behring Breivik and said police searched his Oslo apartment overnight. NRK and other Norwegian media posted pictures of the blond, blue-eyed Norwegian."

It's being reported this morning in Norway, though, that police aren't ruling out the possibility that a second gunman was involved and that more than one person took part in the bombing.

There's background on the attacks in the live-blogging we did as the story developed on Friday. Much more reporting, naturally, is showing up on Norwegian news sites. Here's a list of links to English translations, via Google Translate, of some:

-- TV-2

-- NRK

-- Varden

-- Aftenposten

-- VG

Also Storyful has put together of news organizations and people in Norway tweeting about the attacks.

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