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Need A Lift? Check Out Michigan Retirement Home Residents' 'LipDub'

Trust us on this one, if you have a few minutes you're going to enjoy watching the Clark Retirement Community LipDub video that's been posted online by students at Michigan's Grand Valley State University.

It may be, as the school says, "the nation's first LipDub performed solely by residents of a retirement community." Here's how Grand Valley describes the video:

"Michael Buble's cover of Feelin' Good sets the pace and an infectious mood throughout the four-minute production. With more than a dozen unique scenes, there are humorous surprises as residents reenact the glamorous days of yesteryear and poke fun at stereotypical views of aging. From a synchronized swim scene to prune juice cocktails, more than 100 Clark residents gave their all throughout a grueling three hours of shooting."

Grand Valley is among universities around the world that have joined the "."

As Gawker points out, folks in Grand Rapids have used LipDubs before to have some fun and make a point.

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