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Jurors' Thinking In Casey Anthony Trial Starts To Emerge

Tuesday (July 5, 2011): Casey Anthony reacts to being found not guilty on murder charges.
Tuesday (July 5, 2011): Casey Anthony reacts to being found not guilty on murder charges.

The day-after stories about the not-guilty verdict for Florida mother Casey Anthony, who was accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee in a case that has dominated the tabloids and cable news networks, include a clue to what the jurors were thinking.

-- CBS News: "They didn't show us how Caylee died, and that was important," Russell Hueckler, an alternate juror, said of the prosecution. "No one could answer that."

Meanwhile, as The Orlando Sentinelreports, "Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton on national television this morning said that he was shocked and bitterly disappointed by the jury's decision to render not guilty verdicts on the major charges in the Casey Anthony case on Tuesday."

The case continues to be a trending topic , where most commenters seem to believe the jury made a mistake.

As for what's next for Anthony, who is to be sentenced Thursday on the four counts of lying to authorities that she was convicted on, CNN reports that some legal experts say:

"Don't be surprised if [she] walks out of jail a free woman after her sentencing. ... And, they add, there is nothing stopping her from cashing in on book or movie deals — as her acquittal on serious charges now means she is free to profit off her story."

And Fox News says Anthony can expect to "earn millions from [the] media, Hollywood."

Others now in the spotlight thanks to the case include Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez. As the Miami Herald says, he is "a lawyer who came out of no where, was snickered at, laughed at, smeared, attacked and rebuked by the judge. In the end, the 42-year-old attorney who grew up in South Florida, came out on top."

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