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Two 'Persons Of Interest' Being Quizzed About Arizona Fire

Good morning

The story getting the most attention so far today, as we reported earlier, is The New York Times report that American officials say "Pakistan's top military spy agency has arrested some of the Pakistani informants who fed information to the Central Intelligence Agency in the months leading up to the raid that led to the death of Osama bin Laden."

As for other stories making headlines, they include:

-- Two "Persons Of Interest Being Investigated" In Connection With Arizona Fire:"A supervisor with the U.S. Forest Service has confirmed to ABC15 the investigation into the cause of the Wallow Fire has zeroed in on two persons of interest. 'What we've pretty much broken it down to is (the cause) looks like it was a campfire,' said Supervisor Christopher Knopp with the U.S. Forest Service. 'We've got a couple of people we're talking to on that right now.' ... Firefighters have been on scene in eastern Arizona for more than two weeks battling the flames as they spread rapidly through miles of ponderosa pines. Fire officials announced Tuesday crews had begun making progress in the fight to control the growing blaze, reaching 20 percent containment as the battle rages on near the New Mexico border." ( ABC15 in Phoenix)

From a related story by The Associated Press:"Authorities expected a massive wildfire in eastern Arizona to become the state's largest by Wednesday. ... Fires also grew elsewhere in New Mexico, including one near the Colorado border that forced the closure of a busy interstate highway."

-- Residents Of Tiny Iowa Town Hope New Levee Will Save It:"In southwest Iowa, crews have been working to save a tiny town from the rising Missouri River. Hamburg, Iowa, is of particular concern, following the breach of a nearby levee. Crews are building up another earthen levee just outside of town." (Iowa Public Radio's Sarah McCammon for Morning Edition.)

From a related story by The Des Moines Register:"Hamburg, Ia. — After a frantic week of round-the-clock sandbagging, evacuations and attempts to patch a failed levee that refused to stay patched, this southwest Iowa town of nearly 1,200 is breathing a bit easier."

-- White House To Give Congress "Extensive" Response On Libya Campaign:Responding to a letter to President Obama from House Speaker John Boehner, in which the Republican lawmaker says the White House needs to give congress a detailed explanation for the military campaign in Libya by Friday or it will be in violation of the War Powers Resolution, White House national security spokesman Tommy Vietor said the administration will soon deliver "extensive information." "We are in the final stages of preparing extensive information for the House and Senate that will address a whole host of issues about our ongoing efforts in Libya, including those raised in the House resolution as well as our legal analysis with regard to the War Powers Resolution," Vietor said in a statement issued Tuesday. He did not say exactly what form the response would take. ( The Associated Press)

-- "Greek Strikers Hurl Yoghurt And Stones At Athens Police":"Greek police have fired teargas at protesters outside parliament as MPs prepare to debate new austerity measures required for the EU and IMF bail-out package. Demonstrators around Syntagma Square in Athens responded by throwing yoghurt and stones." ( BBC News)

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