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Palin Emails Released; Now The Rush Is On To Read And Post Them

There's no news from them yet because the more than 24,000 pages of paper were just handed to reporters. But here's the latest:

"JUNEAU, Alaska — Alaska officials have released thousands of pages of emails sent and received by Sarah Palin [R] during her first 21 months as governor." (The Associated Press)

Now, the scramble is on. News outlets that paid the fee to get the material are not only starting to read through the documents, but are also starting the process of putting them online (so that the rest of us can help figure out if there's any news).

The process isn't going to be easy, as the Anchorage Daily News makes clear in this story about what it's doing with the information:

"We will be picking up the documents when they're made available at 9 a.m. [1 p.m. ET] in Juneau and flying them back to Anchorage. We are sharing our documents with ABC News and KTUU-Channel 2. The plan is to take them to a legal-document service in Anchorage to be scanned and converted into digital files. By late afternoon, we should have the emails on a set of fairly large, non-searchable PDFs that we'll post here on our . We expect the documents will be converted to searchable PDFs later in the evening (the process of making them searchable takes quite a bit longer). We'll post those as soon as we have them."

Others asking for help via crowd-sourcing include The New York Times and The Washington Post.

We'll keep an eye on the reports and post about any news from the documents. And It's All Politics is following the story as well.

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