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Atlantic/Pacific On 'World Cafe: Next'

The Atlantic/Pacific train terminal in Brooklyn is a place of convergence, where people of different areas come together to meet and exchange ideas. Taking this concept to heart, the Brooklyn duo under the same name united in 2008 and has been developing a unique and diverse sound ever since. Garrett Klahn, from Texas is the Reason, and John Herguth from House & Parish, had been friends for more than 13 years, and while they had discussed collaborating, they were often busy with their other musical projects. Eventually, Klahn "felt it was time to go in a different, personal direction… John was right there with me; it was just perfect timing...we started playing music and it just clicked."

What started out as a joke ended up a European tour, so the duo quickly brought Sergie Loobkoff to the lineup to lend a helping hand. Together, they self-released their folk-inspired debut EP Autumn Edition Vol. 1, which offered listeners a hint of the layered guitar work and lyrical melodies to come. With influences from The Smiths and Fleet Foxes, they shuffle between the intimacy of lyrical harmonies and looped instruments.

Pleased with the attention its EP received, Atlantic/Pacific was inspired to push its project further and compile what would be its debut full-length, Meet Your New Love, which comes out Oct. 26.

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