Miami County

Miami County Election Results

Nov 7, 2012

Election results from Miami County, Ohio with 100% of precincts reporting.

Gary Johnson        1.04%
Barack Obama        31.24%
Mitt Romney        66.83%
Jill Stein      0.27%

US Senate            
Sherrod Brown          31.14%
Josh Mandel      64.67%
Scott A. Rupert     4.19%

US Congress 8th        
John A. Boehner       97.25%

State Rep. 80th            

Elections officials in Miami county say a ballot vendor is to blame for a pair of absentee ballot problems that affect more than 240 voters.

The Miami County Board of Elections says more than 200 voters in the area north of Dayton were accidentally sent two absentee ballots each instead of one. The Dayton Daily News reports board staff were calling those voters to apologize for the error and advise them to vote only one ballot and return the other.


Race results for Miami County.


Bethel Twp. Trustee

Cliff Wray 56% (846)

Brian Swinderman 44% (750)


Bradford Mayor 

Dallas Weldy 56% (951)

Jeffrey Wirrig 44% (750)


Casstown Council

Thomas Millhouse 55% (73)

Louis Brown 45% (60)


Covington Mayor

Edward McCord 62% (448)

Kay McKinney 38% (280)


Fletcher Mayor

Danny McEowen 64% (95)

Miami County Elections Overview

Nov 9, 2011

Voters in Troy have selected Al Clark, Lynn Snee and Robin Oda to fill two seats on city council.

Also on Tuesday, James Livingston was voted in as Troy's Law Director.  David Trostle and David Heffner were voted in to fill two seat on the Troy School Board.

In Piqua, Robert Anspach narrowly defeated Lucinda Fess in the Piqua city mayor's race.  In unofficial results, Anspack garnered 51% of the vote or 2,577 votes, and Fess had 49% or 2,513 votes.

Levy results for Miami County. 


Bethel Twp. Fire and EMS (2 Mill Replacement)

YES 67% (1,243)

NO 33% (618)


Bradford Streets and Roads (7 Mill Renewal)

YES 55% (155)

NO 45% (127)


Casstown Operating Expenses (3 Mills Renewal)

YES 59% (55)

NO 39% (39)


Fletcher Ambulance Services (1 Mill Renewal)

YES 66% (99)

NO 34% (51)


Mad River Schools Levy (5.9 Mill Additional)