Ohio Laws May Hamper Local Liquor Boom

May 20, 2015
Andy Chow / Ohio Public Radio

Ohio is seeing a boom in locally-made products. Communities around the state are enjoying the local coffee scene and the newest craft brew. One of the fastest growing industries is the local liquor scene. But a slew of antiquated rules might be hampering the movement.

Greg Lehman has become an expert at showing off his company.

“We’re running our distillery today. We’ll crash cool it down and once it’s cold then we add the yeast. The yeast doesn’t like it too hot so that yeast will attack the sugar and it will convert the sugar into alcohol,” Lehman said.

Housed in a former drugstore building across the street from downtown Dayton's Courthouse Square, the Collaboratory is a blank slate for developing collaborative projects.  The Blue Sky Project's Peter Benkendorf envisions the Collaboratory as being a hub of activity where community members can gather to brainstorm and develop new ideas.  Benkendorf sat down with Kaleidoscope host Juliet Fromholt in the Collaboratory space to discuss some of his vision for the space and how the community can get involved.

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