A panel that advises judges in Ohio is warning them that they can’t refuse to marry same-sex couples.

The Board of Professional Conduct of the Supreme Court of Ohio is telling judges who perform civil marriage ceremonies that they can’t ethically refuse same-sex couples who want to marry, and that they also can’t decline to perform all marriage ceremonies to avoid the issue. 

Former Ohio judges shouldn't still be using the title of judge.

That's the opinion of the disciplinary arm of the Ohio Supreme Court.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that an advisory opinion issued by the court Monday said that with a few exceptions, a former judge should not continue to use the judicial title.

The written opinion says social etiquette suggesting "once a judge, always a judge" is "misplaced in modern American legal and judicial ethics."

Ohio voters rejected the first issue on the statewide ballot yesterday. Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler has details.