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The Corndrinkers will perform with Bobby Ingano.
courtesy of the Corndrinkers

Members of the Corndrinkers and Hawaiian steel guitarist Bobby Ingano joined Niki Dakota in the studio for a preview of their performance at the Little Art Theater in Yellow Springs.  

Bobby Ingano and the Corndrinkers will perform at the Little Art Theater in Yellow Springs on Wednesday, July 11.

When Sara Bir takes daily strolls though her neighborhood in southeast Ohio she keeps an eye out for delicious foods. These foods are all around us but most of us don't bother to notice them. Sara is a fruit forager. She finds all kinds of tasty things that are growing right out there in the open and many of these delectable treats end up as food for wildlife or they are wasted by being left to rot on the ground.

Conrad's Corner: July 9, 2018

Jul 9, 2018

Jane Kretschman read her poem, “This Sort of Onslaught Yellow Springs” 

Exploring Fashion, Costuming Through Men's Hats

Jul 9, 2018
Wittenberg University as Costume Shop Manager and Designer Debbie Henderson studies and collects men's hats.
Lauren Shows / WYSO

Debbie Henderson’s work space is a shrine to men’s headwear. Hats of every conceivable style and color are hung on coatracks and stacked half-a-dozen high on tables — they’re even tucked away on bookshelves. Colorful vintage hat boxes are displayed on high shelves that run the length of the room.

The first annual Adventures Fest will combine canoeing and music with a day-long festival featuring  local and regional performers.  Event organizer Dave Obenour joined WYSO Music Director Niki Dakota live in the studio for a preview of the event. 

Adventures Fest is Saturday, July 21, 10am-midnight at Adventures on the Great Miami.  Learn more at: https://www.facebook.com/events/1341255296006535/

Conrad's Corner: July 8, 2018

Jul 8, 2018

Conrad Balliet reads Maxine Skuba's poem, "Ripening Fruit."

Conrad's Corner: July 6, 2018

Jul 6, 2018

Judy Johnson reads her poem, "Rainspeak"

This week, we're examining songs about walking, from everyone from Aerosmith to Thelonious Monk to Ella Fitzgerald to Ernest Tubb, and a whole bunch of folks betwixt and between. Lace up, friends. It might even get silly, but first....

Conrad's Corner: July 5, 2018

Jul 5, 2018

Joy Schwab reads her poem, "Home Movies."

In 2017, Idiedtrying hosted The Encore, a special show at the Fairborn Actor's Theater.  This year marks the show's second run, and JFX316 joins the lineup.  Tony Goff (Idiedtrying) and Jared Whittaker (JFX316) joined Kaleidoscope host Juliet Fromholt live in the studio for a preview of the event.

The Encore II featuring Idiedtrying and JFX316 is Saturday, July 7 at the Fairborn Actor's Theater.  More information below.