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Bill Felker, the host of Poor Will's Almanack on WYSO returned to the Book Nook to discuss his latest project. Recently Bill decided to engage in another book publishing venture in addition to his annual almanacks. Over the years Bill has been keeping meticulous daily journals of his thoughts, observations, and meditations. Bill decided to take his voluminous daily records and compile them into monthly editions that are now available for readers to peruse and savor.

Jupiter and Venus against the summer sky.
Steve Elliot / Flickr Creative Commons

Last week, walking west down my street late in the evening, I could see Venus straight ahead of me, a deep red-orange marker in the sky in the very last of sundown.

I looked up and around, trying to find the Big Dipper and the Summer Triangle, prominent stars of a July night. I could see Jupiter in the south to my left, but haze or high clouds kept the constellations hidden. The moon, new and dark, had set an hour or so earlier, and I was alone with the planets.

Folk musician Rory Makem will perform in Dayton in July.

Acclaimed musician Rory Makem is preparing for a solo performance at the Dayton Celtic Festival.  Ahead of his visit to the Miami Valley, Makem spoke with Dear Green Place host Cindy Funk about his life in music.

Rory Makem will perform as part of the 2018 Dayton Celtic Festival, July 27 - 29 at RiverScape MetroPark. Learn more at: https://www.facebook.com/DaytonCelticFestival/

One century ago Dayton, Ohio was a hotbed of industry and innovation. In his book "Grand Eccentrics - Turning the Century: Dayton and the Inventing of America" Mark Bernstein looked back at some of the men who were instrumental in making this area a thriving place during that period.

Last week our theme was "Up"; this week- you guessed it- it's "Down". We'll be spinning tunes about getting down, being down, going downtown, shuttin' em down, burning down, and many other down-related activities. It'll be downright downtastic. But first...

Paul Lazar will perform 'Cage Shuffle' on July 20 at the Foundry Theater.
courtesy of Antioch College

In Cage Shuffle Big Dance Theater's Paul Lazar performs randomized one-minute stories from John Cage's 1963 score Indeterminacy to set choreography by Annie-B Parson.  Lazar visited the WYSO studios ahead of his performance at Antioch College's Foundry Theater for a preview with Niki Dakota on Excursions.

Paul Lazar will perform Cage Shuffle on July 20 at 7pm at Antioch College's Foundry Theater.

The Bootlegger's Reunion is a bluegrass festival that embraces and celebrates all of the variations on the genre.  This year, the festival returns to the Franklin VFW Campgrounds, and musician Tony Herdman and festival organizer John Snyder joined Kaleidoscope host Juliet Fromholt live in the WYSO studio for a preview of the event.

The 2018 Bootlegger's Reunion is July 27-29 at the Frankling VFW Campground learn more at: https://www.facebook.com/events/129852757627213/

Neo American Pioneers will release their debut album on August 18.
via Neo American Pioneers

Neo American Pioneers made their WYSO debut ahead of their appearance at AdventuresFest performing live on Kaleidoscope.  The band talked with host juliet Fromholt about writing and recording their debut album Beginning To Unfold, upcoming shows and more.

Conrad's Corner: July 18, 2018

Jul 18, 2018

Lynn Powell reads her poem, "Kind of Blue"

One of the stranger trends in publishing recently has been the spate of self-help books espousing Scandinavian lifestyle advice based upon practices that are embedded in the cultures of countries like Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and most recently, Finland.