Dear Green Place

Sunday, 1-3pm

If you're like me, and love All Things Celtic, then we have much in common. There's something about the Celtic lands - full of beauty, mystery and lore. And full of wonderful music, with songs to feed our imagination, honor tradition and tell stories...and tunes that stir our blood and invite us to dance.

Join me for music of Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, Canada, Australia....and America. Anywhere the jigs and reels are being played, or songs are being sung.

I'll try each week to bring you a pleasing mix of vocal and instrumental, ages old and contemporary....by some of the most celebrated performers out there, such as: Battlefield Band, the Chieftans, Silly Wizard, De Danann, Cherish the Ladies, Martin Carthy,Dick Gaughan, Kate Rusby...and oh, so many more!

So, let's go traveling together. You won't need a passport or a suitcase...and you won't need a plane ticket to get to....The Dear Green Place.

Listening to music is great.  But hearing it played live is the BEST! To find out about celtic concerts and festivals in this area, please visit my website – www.thedeargreenplace.net 

Orla Fallon on Dear Green Place

Sep 5, 2011

Cindy Funk, host of Dear Green Place, was joined over the phone by Orla Fallon. Fallon will be stopping in Dayton at the Dayton Art Institute on her tour around the country. 


It was all music and laughs on Dear Green Place this week. Dear Green Place was so pleased to have Bob Ford and the Ragamuffins live in the WYSO studios. The tunes kept coming and between Bob Ford, Beth Ford and Jan Finkle there were plenty of laughs.