WYSO Weekend: September 17, 2017

Sep 17, 2017

In this edition of WYSO Weekend, report cards have come out for charter and public schools in the state. Ohio public radio’s Karen Kasler will tell us how how they performed this time around. We’ll also hear about the debate over gun-free zones in Ohio, and we’ll answer the question 'Why is the Miami Valley a tornado hotspot?' That’s coming up on WYSO Curious. See full details below.


Overdose deaths continue to rise in Southwest Ohio. The opioid epidemic is also taking a toll on the courts as more and more addicts end up behind bars for drug-related crimes. To help mitigate overcrowding, some Miami Valley counties are launching special drug courts. The courts offer nonviolent addicts a chance to avoid jail and get the services they need to stay clean and out of trouble for good. WYSO Community Voices Producer Jason Reynolds has been following one of the newest drug courts in Clinton County. Reynolds reports the program is already having an impact. But it’s no easy fix for the county’s serious addiction problem.  

Ohio’s school report cards are out, and the state says its 1.7 million school kids are doing better academically across all subjects, and across different economic and racial groups.  But Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler reports there are mixed grades for Ohio’s public school districts, and mostly bad ones for charter schools.

The debate over gun-free zones is back in full swing at the Statehouse as lawmakers argue which should take precedence: the rights of gun owners or the rights of property owners. Ohio Public Radio’s Andy Chow reports.

This week on WYSO Curious –we answer two listener questions about tornados. First: Why is the Miami Valley a tornado hotspot? Secondly: How does the National Weather Service go about alerting us when a tornado is approaching? WYSO Curious intern Liam Niemeyer starts his search for answers in Clinton County – near Wilmington.



I this week's Poor Will's Almanack, Bill Felker brings clarity to the living world around us.