WYSO Weekend: December 3, 2017

Dec 3, 2017

In this edition of WYSO Weekend:


Jerry Gillotti, owner of Gilly's jazz club in downtown Dayton died on Thanksgiving day. Community Voices producer and long-time host of WYSO's Jazz Night, Dave Barber reflects on Gillotti's musical legacy of the 80 year old.


Former Ohio Senate President Bill Harris also passed away after months of battling cancer. Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles takes a look back at Harris and his contributions to the Ohio Legislature.



Ohio officials recently announced a plan aimed at making it easier to become a foster parent. There’s a growing shortage of foster-care placements across the states a result of the worsening opioid crisis.. The epidemic is also making it more difficult to place children removed from unstable homes with family members.

In Springfield, most calls to the city’s 911 emergency switchboard are related to an overdose. Some opioid-overdose victims will die ... Many others will be saved with the fast-acting overdose-reversal drug Narcan. But, for some surviving overdose victims, that’s not the end of the story. Clark County Community Voices Producer Renee Wilde reports a drug overdose can leave behind lasting mental and physical scars.


Well every once in a while, we’ve got to take a break from all the news and listen to some good music. As you know, WYSO puts out a lot of music over the airwaves and one of those programs usually does it live -with artists performing right here in our studios. Last week Kaleidoscope host Juliet Fromholt welcomed her guest singer/songwriter Maya Cabellero and during that interview - premiered Maya’s new single called Hello Sunshine.  

Bill Felker has this week's Poor Will's Almanack.