White Castle Facility to Bring More Than 100 Jobs to Vandalia

Jul 23, 2012

On Monday (July 23rd, 2012), Ohio Governor John Kasich, Vandalia Mayor Arlene Setzer, city of Dayton and White Castle officials, including CEO and President Bill Ingram, took part in a groundbreaking ceremony near the site of White Castle’s new food processing Facility in Vandalia, an 83,000 square ft. facility in the Stonequarry Crossing development site near Peter’s Pike.

Speaking before a crowd of about a hundred, Governor Kasich said when he thinks about jobs he thinks of families.  And though he said there are too many children in Ohio living in poverty, he said there was reason to be optimistic.

“… but I have to tell you the real exciting thing, although you can’t tell it today, the sun is coming up in Ohio.  A year and half ago we were ranked as the 48th job creator in America.  We are now the number four job creator in America, and while we had lost 400,000 jobs over the last four years, Ohio has gained 111,300 jobs in our state.  I mean, what a turnaround in a year and a half.”

Vandalia Mayor Arlene Setzer shared the Governor’s optimism, and she believe’s that White Castle’s move to that will bring other businesses and more jobs.

“…but once you see a place like White Castle looking at us, and evaluating us, and having such good comments about us, certainly that encourages others to take a second look.”

What is known for sure is that once it’s built, - is expected to bring more than a hundred jobs to the area.