In Transition: The Antioch Word Goes To Cuba

May 5, 2017

Last quarter, The Word recorded Antioch’s Co-op Swap. If you’re not familiar with it, Co-op Swap is an event at which students who just came back from their respective co-ops share their experiences and answer questions from the audience. In past episodes, we have heard stories from all the panelists. But this time, we decided to zero in on the co-op story from Malka Berro '18 and Lucas Bautista '18.  

Lucas and Malka worked with Community Solutions in Yellow Springs on a film they are helping to fund called Saving Walden’s World. Because part of the film is set in Cuba, the two also spent a month there.


Malka Berro and Lucas Bautista in Cuba during their most recent co-op
Credit Lucas Bautista

“We were mostly consulting on our thoughts about the film and how the vision of what they had so far reflected the film,” Lucas said in a follow up interview after the Co-op Swap. 

Malka and Lucas also saw firsthand the reaction in Cuba to the death of Fidel Castro, as they were there in November of 2016.  “You kind of saw the transition of power happening as we were there, which was really amazing for us to witness that change as soon as his death occurred.”