Senator Sherrod Brown Shares Views on Gun Control

Oct 6, 2017

The White House chided talk of gun control this week, claiming it’s too soon to talk about policy in the wake of the Vegas massacre. 

Credit Karen Kasler / Ohio Public Radio

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown disagrees. He's calling for a ban on "bump stocks", which can make semi-automatic rifles replicate fully automatics and may have been used by the Vegas gunman.

Brown says other issues should also be taken up, such as a federal waiting period and a gun buying ban for people on the terrorist watch.

As for criticism about politicizing a national tragedy, Brown says Republican leaders have had no problem working on policy after other serious events.

“After September 11th we moved quickly. After a terrorist who happens to be a Muslim shoots somebody the president says ‘oh we gotta clamp down on the Muslims coming into the country’ the next day.”

Republican Senator Rob Portman says he’ll review the bill to ban bump stocks.