Land Easement Protects Glen Helen In Perpetuity

Aug 9, 2015

Antioch College and Glen Helen Nature Preserve in Yellow Springs have secured a second land conservation easement that will forever protect 973 acres of the preserve. The first easement, was announced in February, 2015.

Communications Director at Antioch, Matt Desjardins, calls the easement a big deal and something that has remained a priority even as the college seeks to regain it's accreditation.

“Yeah it's a huge and wonderful part of yellow Springs and of Antioch College,” he said. We’re very proud of it and we want to preserve it for generations to enjoy, whether they’re college students or faculty or just people visiting Yellow Springs for the great place that it is.”

The land easements have been in the works for several years, with funding for the latest easement coming through the Clean Ohio program - $940,650, the Village of Yellow Springs - $100,000, and the Glen Helen Association - $39,034. Additional funds were provided by the federal Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program - $567,500.  

Sales of the two easements will support protection of the Glen and environmental education programs at the Glen Helen Ecology Institute.

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