Kasich Budget Features Income Tax Cuts, Sales Tax Hike

Jan 31, 2017

Lawmakers are now sifting through the latest budget proposal from Gov. John Kasich. His nearly $144 billion plan features another income tax cut through restructured brackets and rates along with increased income tax exemptions.

Credit Office of Governor John Kasich

However, Kasich is once again pushing for a broader sales tax that expands to services such as cable TV, landscaping and elective plastic surgery.

Kasich says, besides balancing a federal budget, achieving tax reform is the hardest sell.

“Whoever’s being effected hires a bunch of people and then they or else they work over the members of the Legislature or the Congress and they block it.”

He also wants to increase the tax on beer, wine, cigarettes and natural gas extraction. But says an additional 350,000 low-income Ohioans would be spared from paying an income tax.