Community Space: The Antioch Word Goes To The Emporium

Mar 1, 2017

In last episode of the Antioch Word, we explored community through Toni Jonas Silver’s Community Voices story about Gene the rat. This episode continues to look at the things that bring us all together, but this time, it’s about a place. Community Voices producer Frank Fortino ’17 takes us to the Emporium in Yellow Springs.

“I guess I thought, ‘what, if you were to take it out of Yellow Springs, would change it in a significant way?’” said Fortino, about his choice to do the assignment, a story about community, in Yellow Springs, and, “To make it interesting, I thought it would be good if I went through a change.”

In his story, Frank underwent a character transformation that he says was embellished and in the interview following the story, he talks about the ethics surrounding that. “When you’re really creating an atmosphere and a mood like a writer would, I think that’s when you start to really break into territory that can open people’s minds.”