Change In Audit Fee Worries Strapped Communities

Sep 19, 2011

School districts and townships are outraged at the change in the rate of state auditors to $41 an hour – some were paying more than that, but some were paying less. But Sue Cave is the executive director of the Ohio Municipal League says her membership had mixed reactions.

“When you take a look at the fee that they developed, you’ll find that it affects different communities in different ways. So some of them will receive a larger increase than others,” says Cave.

But Cave does say some communities are worried about how they’ll pay for the rate change. And Republican state auditor David Yost notes that some entities have been having trouble paying the tabs of the auditors.

“We do have a pretty large outstanding accounts receivable for services that we’ve rendered that we’re trying to collect,” says Yost.

Yost says most of those who owe his office are charter schools and smaller governments that have been struggling recently.