Book Nook: Sharp and Dangerous Virtues, by Martha Moody

Nov 30, 2012

Martha Moody's futuristic novel "Sharp and Dangerous Virtues" is set mostly in the Dayton area. The year is 2047 and a foreign army has invaded from the north. That army now occupies Cleveland and threatens to move further south.

The area between Dayton and Cleveland is now a huge agricultural region that has been sealed off from the rest of the country. In this region known as the Grid the Gridians raise the crops that feed the nation. In their seclusion the Gridians have gotten a little bit weird.

Meanwhile in Dayton fearful residents are fleeing. Many houses are vacant.  Feral dogs roam the empty streets in vicious packs. Moody tells this story through the eyes of a number of compelling characters. "Sharp and Dangerous Virtues" is an apocalyptic thriller that will captivate readers everywhere but particularly here in the Dayton area. Moody resides in Washington Township. She made her first visit to this program a dozen years ago to talk about her debut novel "Best Friends." That book has gone on to sell almost a million copies.

This latest novel is a dramatic departure for Moody. Prepare to be invaded.