Book Nook: I Want to Kill the Dog, by Richard M. Cohen

Nov 19, 2012

Richard Cohen has had it with the family dog. Jasper, the mutt in question, drives Cohen around the bend. Jasper barks all the time and the sound of that bark is lacerating. This dog is in constant motion, barking, scurrying around the house, and when Cohen's spouse the TV star Meredith Vieira is home, Jasper is fiercely protective of her. He won't let Cohen near her.

So Cohen is a bit flustered with Jasper. That's why he wrote this book.  Please don't misunderstand the title. Cohen would never lay a hand on little Jasper. Of course if a falling piano or heavy safe just happened to clip the little guy Cohen probably wouldn't be that upset. This book is meant in fun. It's humorous and clever and witty. Cohen just needed to get some things off of his chest.

Cohen's visit to the Book Nook was his first interview for this book. Enjoy!