Best of the Book Nook: Transfer of Power, by Vince Flynn

May 4, 2018

When Vince Flynn came out to Yellow Springs to record our first radio show together he was an author on the rise. During our first conversation he described how he had quit a lucrative job to focus on writing his first novel. Flynn would write during the day then tend bar in St. Paul during the evenings. Flynn self-published that first book and it did well, so well that it was picked up by a major publisher, Simon and Schuster, and reissued. At that point Vince Flynn was on his way.

The author's second book, "Transfer of Power," was the first book in his series which featured Mitch Rapp. That series became a blockbuster for Flynn, and eventually a franchise, it got so big that when Vince Flynn was struck down by cancer and died at a young age the series has continued with a new writer.

It was a pleasure to meet Flynn at this point in his career, he was cocky and confident and rippling with a nervous energy. We had a fun conversation on that day 19 years ago. I still find it hard to believe that he is gone.

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