Best of the Book Nook: I Just Kept Hoping, by Gloria Stuart

May 30, 2018

Gloria Stuart was a movie star in early Hollywood. Back in those days they would have called her a starlet. She left Hollywood and the movie business and began a second career as an artist and a maker of hand-made books. Today her work is in museums.

Late in life she was contacted by James Cameron who was working on the casting for his movie "Titanic." He ended up casting Stuart in the role of "Old Rose." The movie went on to become a massive hit film and Stuart was suddenly back in the public eye. Her instant fame gave her the opportunity to publish her memoir "I Just Kept Hoping."

She came out to Yellow Springs for an interview at WYSO in 1999. I found her to be quick, witty, and utterly enchanting. She was magical. Gloria Stuart lived to be 100 years old.

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