Being Seen: The Antioch Word Explores Visibility And Race

Sep 4, 2016

Last May at Antioch College, students of color filled the Coretta Scott King Center in secret to have a difficult discussion about race and culture. They called it a "day of disappearance". The idea was to show the college what a day without people of color, or POC would look like. Community voices producer and Miller Fellow Mari Smith     sat in on the day of disappearance and spoke with the participants to hear their experiences. 

The conversations that happened on the day of disappearance are one step towards a more inclusive campus.But the story is far from over, the college is continually evolving and there will be new students here in the fall, further changing the POC and larger campus community.

The Antioch word is a monthly podcast for the Antioch college community about Antioch college. It is written and produced by Antioch college students working at WYSO.