Antioch University Moves To Sell Midwest Yellow Springs Campus

May 10, 2018

Antioch University is moving ahead with the sale of their Yellow Springs campus. The Yellow Springs News reports the university has marketed the building with a national real-estate firm.

Credit Jerry Kenney

News of the potential sale was first announced in 2016. Officials told WYSO they're looking for a smaller space in a more centrally located area, such as Dayton, nearer to more potential future students.

Chancellor William Groves said the 94,000-square-foot $15 million building on Dayton Street was too large for current operations.

He also said changes in student educational preferences prompted the decision.

Last year, both the Yellow Springs Village School District and the Greene County Career Center expressed interest in buying the facility. Antioch University Midwest has been struggling in recent years to attract applicants.

The university has five campuses around the country. Antioch University Midwest, formerly Antioch McGregor, was once part of the Antioch College campus. It’s been at its current Yellow Springs location since 2007.

Antioch University Midwest is unaffiliated with Antioch College, the licensee of WYSO.