Congressman Mike Turner (R-10) is flanked by Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer (left), Green County Sheriff Gene Fischer (right) and other law enforcement officials at a press conference at WPAFB.
Morgan Rako (Congressman Mike Turner)

WPAFB False Active-Shooter Investigation Continues But Officials Still Offer Few Details

Officials at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base continue to investigate how an Aug. 2 training exercise turned into a mistaken active-shooter situation. They have convened an official Incident Review Board to assess what went wrong during the incident, and Republican Congressman Mike Turner met Wednesday with top brass from the 88th Air Base Wing and non-base law enforcement officials. But few details about the incident have yet been released.

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Andy Grimm

'Rally For Recovery' In 5th Year Offering Support For Families Of Addicts

Lori Erion knows about addiction. Erion is the founder and executive director of Families of Addicts (FOA), an organization dedicated to helping families who are on the front lines of the current opioid crisis. She is also a certified Ohio Peer Recovery Supporter . PRS is a program of the Ohio Mental Health & Addiction Services. The program is a convention of “peer specialists, recovery coaches, and peer supporters.” But Erion’s education and experience with addiction go much deeper. “I...

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Save The Date

WYSO's Community Concert: Sunday, September 9

Featuring Chris Smither, Tim Easton, and Kyleen Downes


Record a birthday greeting for WYSO!

I’m on a fact-finding mission to the Dagobah system at the moment, but my good friend and yours, Brother Andy Valeri, will be spinning truth to power in my stead. Sounds like he’s got a great theme lined up, too: SONGS OF INQUIRY. There is no shortage of musical questions out there, and Andy will be cherry picking some of his faves. Up first...

Reading books can be such a joyful experience. There are so many things to like about it. One of my favorite things is discovering a writer who has just published her first book and realizing that their work is something special. Then I have the eager anticipation ahead of waiting for them to write many more!

Gina Chavez and her band will open the Levitt Pavillion Dayton on Thursday August 9.
courtesy of the Levitt Pavillion Dayton

Bilingual Latin folk artist Gina Chavez will give the inaugural performance at the newly constructed Levitt Pavillion Dayton.  Chavez and her band visited the WYSO studios for a live performance on Excursions earlier in the day.

Gina Chavez will perform at the Levitt Pavillion Dayton on  Thursday, August 9 at 7p.m. Her new EP, Lightbeam, is available now.

Daniel Dye and the Miller Road Band will once again host their Madden Road Micro Music Fest in Mutual, Ohio.

Daniel Dye and The Miller Road Band returned to the WYSO studios ahead of their Madden Road Micro Music Fest, which will feature live music, hiking trails, and various workshops.  The family band performed live on Excursions and talked with WYSO music director Niki Dakota about the event.

The 1984 Draft

The 1984 Draft returned to the WYSO studios for a full band set live on Kaleidoscope ahead of the release of their new album, Make Good Choices (Poptek).  The band talked with host Juliet Fromholt about writing and recording the album, the upcoming release show and more.

The 1984 Draft will celebrate the release of Make Good Choices on August 25 at South Park Tavern. They'll also perform at Tippapalooza on September 1 in Tipp City.

Tim Combs' debut album is out now.

Tim Combs visited the WYSO studios for a live set on Kaleidoscope. The Hamilton native talked with host Juliet Fromholt about writing and recording his debut album Hazard Coal, his musical upbringing and more.

Tim Combs' Hazard Coal is available now. Learn more at: https://www.facebook.com/timcombsmusic/

Natural fence rows are increasingly being cleared.
Renee Wilde / WYSO

When early settlers came to Ohio around two hundred years ago, they cleared the vast forests  - they wanted open land - to build houses,  to grow crops, and raise livestock.

As more people arrived, it became common practice to leave a narrow strip of uncultivated land between you and your neighbor. These natural fence rows were a way to designate property boundaries and help keep livestock from wandering away.

Conrad's Corner: August 8, 2018

Aug 8, 2018

Maxine Skuba reads her poem, "Doreen"

Senior Voices: Eleanor Kohlmann

Aug 8, 2018
Eleanor Kohlmann
Senior Voices

The week on Senior Voices, we meet 93 year-old Eleanor Kohlmann. Born Eleanor Dell in 1926 over in Yellow Springs, her family moved to Belmont when she was just a small child. Eleanor shared her memories with Dayton Metro Library interviewer, Brandon Ulman.


Brandon Ulman (BU): What’s your best memory from childhood?


Oregon-based songwriter and Antioch College alumus Rob Tobias visited the WYSO studios for a live set on Excursions.  He talked with WYSO Music Director Niki Dakota about his local roots, hope in songwriting and more.  

Learn more about Rob Tobias at: http://www.robtobias.com/